Klíny Sports Complex

Klíny Sports Complex (3 km)

Bobsleigh track, rope park, bike park, off-road scooters, tennis court, outdoor climbing wall, playgrounds, minigolf, sports hall, ski slope with lift, zipline. Great routes for runners and cyclists in the area.


Seiffen (12 km)

This picturesque village is famous for its traditional Ore carving. Especially in winter, when all parts of the region are illuminated, the “Toy Village” has its extraordinary charm.

Jezeří Castle

Jezeří Castle (19 km)

Jezeří Castle is one of the most interesting monuments in the whole Czech Republic due to its turbulent fate. Today, thanks to extensive reconstruction, the chateau is again a popular tourist destination.

Rozhledna Jeřabina

Jeřabina Lookout Tower (10 km)

The lookout tower, which offers views of the Czech hinterland, stands on the slopes of the Ore Mountains above the village of Křižátky in the Litvínov region, on the Jeřabina hill of the same name. It lies at an altitude of 785 meters. It is accessible from the Litvínov-Janov road in the direction of Mnišek in the Ore Mountains, where a smaller car park has been built. From here, a forest path leads about 500 meters to the lookout tower.


Marienberg (37 km)

At Aqua Marien you can choose from indoor and heated outdoor pools, there are plenty of attractions for children and other popular water attractions. In the area you will also find a tennis court, mini golf, billiards, bowling alleys, etc.


Water reservoir Fláje (7,5 km)

Fláje is the only pillar dam reservoir in the Czech Republic. It was built on the Flájský brook and completed in 1963. Today, it serves as a water reservoir and for hydropower purposes.

Peat swimming pool

Peat swimming pool (2 km)

Klíny has the only “mountain swimming pool” far and wide. Very pleasant swimming pool with peat water. Unlike some ponds, it does not stink. Open 24 hours a day and no entrance fee.

Aquadrom Most

Most (20 km)

European City of Sport 2015. Here you will find an aquadrome, a hippodrome, an autodrome, a golf course, an inline track, Hvěvín Castle and also Lake Most, which was created as a project for the reclamation of the former Ležáky Mine.


Olbernau (22 km)

The Saigerhütte complex is located just behind the Czech border in Brandov in the Ore Mountains. This monument complex, surrounded by the remains of fortified walls, is a reminder of the metallurgical history of the Ore Mountains. The complex includes a total of 22 preserved buildings, as well as a hotel, a house with demonstrations of crafts and a children’s center.


Running stadium (0,2 km)

A cross-country ski run is located right next to the guest house.



Summer toboggan run Seiffen

Summer toboggan run Seiffen

On the hillside near Seiffen you can ride a bobsled run in summer. 733 m of bobsled fun awaits you here. 9 sharp turns and a 1.50 m huge jump will surely delight you and your children.

Ore Mountains Museum

Ore Mountains Museum (21 km)

A replica of a historic house from 1873, built according to preserved documents, stands in the mountain settlement of Lesná nad Chomutovem near the mountain hotel Lesná, which is the starting point for hiking, cycling and cross-country trails. Next to it is another replica, a bell tower with a functional bell that rings every hour. The permanent exhibition shows the life of the highlanders about 100 years ago, it also includes a collection of renovated old agricultural machinery.


Neuhausen (13 km)

The largest collection of nutcrackers, a typical Ore Mountains wooden product, boasts the Saxon town of Neuhausen, which lies just seven kilometers from the Czech border. The Nutcracker Museum boasts a collection of more than five thousand different nutcrackers of all sizes, shapes and forms. They are complemented by an exhibition of old furniture in a chair factory.

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